Maslul Ishi

Maslul Ishi, as its name expresses, is a personal journey. The program is a way foreach participant to experience Israel in his own unique way, depending on his or her preferences and goals. Each participant can choose his own program, which means he can decide what, when and where to do the activity that best fits his or her needs. Maslul Ishi is destined for those who are looking to participate in a Masa long-term program but do not want to be confined in a group setting but prefer a more independent approach. The most interesting aspect of Maslul Ishi is that the participants can actually form their own program, start when they choose, live where they prefer, and really get an up-close feel for the Israeli culture. The program includes living arrangements, medical insurance, Hebrew classes, volunteering, trips throughout the country, and cultural events like visits to museums, theater shows or seminars. Maslul Ishi is open to young adults from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 30.
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