Kenes Mazkirim

Habonim Dror Olami runs an annual seminar (Kenes Mazkirim) for representatives of  Habonim Dror movement leadership (mazkirut) from around the world. The Kenes Mazkirim seminar brings together the world-wide leadership of the movement to have meaningful peulot, siyurim, and discussions about the movement, chinuch, and leadership. It also gives a platform for mazkirut members to explore questions about their own lives and hagshama processes, and learn from the experiences of others. Throughout the years, we have seen strong friendships and partnerships developed through the Kenes Mazkirim process, and we continue to experience a greater sense of being a world movement as a result.


Every 4 years, the Kenes Mazkirim seminar is combined with a Worldwide Veida (Veida Olamit), which Shnat participants take part in as well. The next Veida Olamit will be in 2014.