Does the "free" lawyer exist?

I often hear the litigants talking about my colleagues and me in these terms: the lawyer "free".

Every time, my hair stands on the head!

Indeed, the "free" lawyer does not exist (except in your wildest dreams), write it once and for all.

The fees of a lawyer are paid:

  • either directly by his clients,
  • when the client receives partial legal aid, partly by the latter and partly by the Bar Association,
  • when the Legal Aid Office has granted the client  full legal aid , in full by the Bar Association.

Thus, a lawyer (especially if he wants to be able to continue to practice his profession …) will always be paid for the diligences he carries out in his files.

It is therefore never "free".

There is an idea that also puts nerves in my hands, it is the lawyers assigned to office who are less good lawyers than those who are "chosen" by their clients …

But I will certainly mention it in another post

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