Kosher hotel services – what to expect

A visit to a kosher hotel in Prague is always a memorable experience. Whether you’re vacationing or looking for a place to stay during a short visit to Czech, a kosher hotel is a place to be with a wide range of premium services. Here are some things to expect at a kosher Hotel –

Well-trained staff

Kosher hotel personnel are well-trained and well groomed to give you the best service in a friendly and warm manner. The staff is highly professional and will assist you from the point of entry till the time of departure. Feel free to make complaints about any issues that you have while at a kosher hotel in Prague and you will be attended to urgently.



Most kosher hotels have modern designs and large rooms that will make you feel at home. Expect to see lightly decorated rooms that give you views over Prague. There are also lots of modern facilities in the rooms which include free internet access, choice of room setting, king-size or separating beds, and more to ensure your comfort.



The rooms at a typical kosher hotel range from superior and premier corners to deluxe rooms. Superior rooms are modern and functional and very pleasing to the eyes. They usually feature a bright environment and a living space that is quite spacious. You will get free access to the internet, a smart television, and also a DVD player. Superior rooms usually have a queen bed which makes it perfect for couples and singles alike. You will also find a bathroom, air conditioning, a mini-bar, an espresso machine, a telephone line, etc.


Premier corners are also modern and functional and are designed for singles, couples, and small size families. It also comes with free internet access, a flat-screen television, a DVD player, bathroom, and other facilities that make it similar to the superior and deluxe rooms.


Deluxe rooms are also set up to provide maximum comfort for singles and couples with modern and functional spaces with fantastic decor. You can also great views a queen bed, a bathroom, and entertainment options such as free internet access, smart television, and also a DVD player. Some come with a workstation and the rooms are air-conditioned. Espresso machines, mini-bars, and a safe are usually featured in deluxe rooms in a kosher hotel in Prague.

מה לצפות


Onsite synagogue

Expect to see a synagogue at a kosher hotel in Prague for prayers. These prayers are carried out at specified times but the synagogue is always accessible at any time of the day.


Swimming pool & Gym center

For the purpose of relaxation, you will also find swimming pools at kosher hotels and also expect to see a Jacuzzi. The gym center is also fully equipped to help you maintain fitness while at the hotel.


Laundry services

Kosher hotels also offer laundry services to guests to take care of their clothes which are taken, laundered and delivered straight to your room.


Kosher food

Expect to see kosher restaurants inside a kosher hotel in Prague offering a wide variety of kosher delicacies according to the strictest standards.


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